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Import product data from .csv files

PIM enables importing data from external sources using a CSV document. A CSV template file is available here (insert link) or you can download a template from the Import CSV dialog box while performing the import.



The operations on this page require attributes and hierarchies to be configured in advance. If this is your first entry, visit the Initial configuration (link) page to complete the necessary setup.


Understanding the template

Hierarchy Node: This represents the category of Primary Hierarchy where the item belongs and has to be provided to create an item. Any item without a node will not be created.

SKU: It is mandatory to provide a SKU for all items.

Parent SKU: This is only required for item variant SKUs. Leave this field blank if the item doesn't have a parent.


Upload file requirements

  • fabric PIM only accepts CSV files; no other data or file formats are accepted at this time.

  • Hierarchy Node is mandatory. If the hierarchy node is missing, the item will not be created.

  • Delimiter for the hierarchy nodes is “->”. If the primary hierarchy node is not mapped correctly or not found in the system, the item will not be created.

  • Headers of the CSV file (first row) represent the attributes of the item. Attribute titles are not case sensitive, but we recommend you maintain case-consistency with the original attribute titles.

  • Formulas in formula-driven attributes will be executed automatically after items have been imported.

  • Empty rows and columns are ignored.

  • Attribute data format must conform to attribute type requirements:

    • Text: text string

    • Number: only numbers are imported; other data is ignored

    • Boolean: TRUE or FALSE only; other values are ignored

    • Date: use the same format used during attribute creation

    • List of values: the value must be an exact match to one of the list values

    • Serial: leave this blank

  • SKU must be provided for the items to be created.

  • Active attribute will be imported as TRUE only when all mandatory attributes are provided for the item, otherwise it will automatically change to FALSE no matter what value was given in the spreadsheet.

  • In case the CSV doesn't have an attribute that is added to the Primary Hierarchy, you can simply add a new column in the CSV and put the attribute name in the header and upload will populate the value for this attribute.


Uploading the CSV file

Go to the Item List page.

Click Import Items.

Search for or browse to the appropriate hierarchy node and click Next.

Select hierarchy node
Select hierarchy node

Select Choose file and navigate to your file to upload.

To obtain a template to review and populate, select the template here link in the dialog box.

Click Upload file. You can monitor the status of your upload in Import History.

Select upload file
Select upload file

Import History

The status of bulk imports is available on the Import History page.

To view your past imports, go to the Item list page.

Click Import History to see all imports with their status.

Clicking on any listing will take you to the Import Summary for that upload to view additional details including errors. The operation is all or nothing. Any errors prevent any portion of the upload.

You can export errored items, correct the errors, and re-upload the file.


Item import history
Item import history


  • File name - title that will appear when item is visible on a webpage.

  • Type - number of alternative versions such as color or size.

  • Status - successfully Completed or Failed with error.

  • Created - date uploaded to PIM.

  • Message - Import successful or Errors identified if more than one type.


Import Summary

Clicking on any listing in the Import History page will provide details on that import.

Export errored items will download a copy of the file originally uploaded and a CSV file with all errors listed.

Download original file will download a copy of the file originally uploaded.

Import summary
Import summary

Import Error Messages in error file

Error Message

What it means?

What happens to the item?

How to resolve?


Hierarchy Node not found

Hierarchy Node name is incorrect or missing.

Item can’t be created without a proper hierarchy node given.

Verify the name of the node and the delimiter.


Internal Server Error

Server issues

Item is not created/updated

Try again

This is an intermittent issue, might come randomly.

“Attribute Name” not found

The attribute mentioned in the CSV header is not added to the Hierarchy. Attribute Name must be an exact match.

Item is created but this specific attribute will be ignored.

Check the name of the attribute, ensure that this attribute is added to the primary hierarchy you are trying to import items for.


“Attribute Name” value is invalid

The value provided has some flaws/validation issues.

The attribute value will not be saved to the item.

Provide correct attribute value.

Example - if you add a text for a number type attribute, you will receive this error.

Active Mandatory attributes required

In order to set Active = TRUE for an item, all mandatory attributes are required.

Item will be created and attributes will be updated. Item can’t be set to Active=TRUE so this attribute will be ignored. Item Status will remain Active = FALSE.

Ensure that all mandatory attributes have a value in the CSV you are trying to import.

When doing a delta import, it is required to have all mandatory attributes and values added for the existing items for the “Active” attribute.

Some mandatory attribute values are missing.

There are some mandatory attributes for the hierarchy/items that need values. These could be global mandatory (set at the attribute level) or hierarchy mandatory (Set at the individual hierarchy level).

Item is created with errors. Only given attribute values will be added.

Include values for all the mandatory attributes.

Items can always be created with errors, but they can’t be published unless all mandatory attributes have a value.

Last update: Aug 05, 2022

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