Manage how locations fulfill orders

The Warehouse main page shows all of the warehouses you have set up previously and has tools to add new ones.

Warehouse - main page
Warehouse - main page

Click Add Warehouse at the top of the page to create a warehouse, or click on the title of a previously created warehouse to edit it.

In the modal window that appears, fill out the warehouse’s information on the General Details tab.

Use the Status drop-down menu to choose whether the warehouse is active or inactive, and use the checkbox to designate the warehouse as the default location.

The Channels drop-down menu allows you to select whether this warehouse fulfills US Web orders, CA Web orders, or all orders.

Warehouse - creating a new warehouse
Warehouse - creating a new warehouse

Click on the Fulfillment type tab to choose how orders are fulfilled from this warehouse. The default options are:

  • Partner Store

  • Domestic Shipping

  • Pick Up Store

  • 3PL

  • Dropship

  • Own Store

You can manage the default fulfillment methods and create new ones on the Settings page.

Use the Pickup toggle switch to designate this warehouse as a pickup location.

Warehouse - fulfillment options
Warehouse - fulfillment options

Last update: Jul 09, 2022

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