Your dashboard for managing and tracking orders

The Orders page shows an overview of all existing orders. It features a table that allows you to sort by Status, Order ID, and customer name with customizable filters and the Order Status dashboard at the right.

Orders - home screen
Orders - home screen

The Import button at the top of the page allows you to upload order information in a CSV file. Clicking the button opens the Import CSV file modal. It is highly recommended that you download the template file to use as a guide. Not following the parameters in the guide will result in errors. 

Any CSV file you upload must match the following headers and corresponding data formats with no blank spaces, returns, line breaks, or other characters:

  • Order ID

  • Line Item ID

  • Shipment Ref

  • Shipment Carrier

  • Shipment Carrier URL

  • Tracking Number

  • Quantity

  • Estimated Delivery Date

  • Shipment Status

Orders - importing orders
Orders - importing orders

The Add More, Status, and Date options at the top-right of the table allow you to apply filters to what’s displayed in the table. In addition to filtering orders in the table, the Order Status dashboard and Export feature will both reflect any filters you apply.

Hover over the Add More, Status, and Date options to apply your custom filters, and use the Reset button to remove all filters.

From the Orders home screen, find and click on the order you would like to modify. The order details page shows details specific to that order, from the name and shipping address to amount paid and payment method.

To add shipping information, click the checkbox next to an item that’s ready to be shipped, and then click Add tracking number. In the Shipping Information modal that appears, choose the Shipment provider and enter the Tracking number and Quantity. When you’re finished, click Save. After you click save, OMS will automatically send an email to the customer with the tracking number.

Orders - shipping information
Orders - shipping information

To cancel an order, click Cancel Order at the top-right of the Order Details screen, select the cancellation reason, and then click Cancel Order.

Orders - canceling an order
Orders - canceling an order

Last update: Jul 09, 2022

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