Create rules to define inventory availability

A network is a group of locations that share inventory. By defining a network code, storefronts can use network codes to get inventory.

The Network page shows a list of all networks you have created previously with an Add Network button at the top-right. You can edit a previously created network by hovering over its name in the list and clicking the pencil icon at the right.

Networks - home screen
Networks - home screen

Click the Add Network button at the top-right to create a new network.

On the Create Network page, set up the network, its rules, and inventory availability.

Step 1: Add Basic Information: Fill out the network name.

Step 2: Set Up Your Rules: Create rules for your items and locations in your network.

  • Use the Attribute Type drop-down to select whether the rule applies to a Product or a Location.

  • Depending on the selection you made in the Attribute Type menu, the Attribute Name drop-down menu will allow you to choose an attribute the rule applies to.

  • The options in the Attribute Name drop-down menu depend on whether you selected Product or Location in the Attribute Type drop-down menu. Product has the default option isActive, plus any custom attributes you created in Settings. Selecting Location has two default options, isActive or isBopis, plus any custom attributes you created in Settings.

  • Use the Contains drop-down menu to choose whether the rule applies to items that contain, do not contain, or are equal to the value you enter in the Add Value field.

  • Enter a value into the Add Value field. The field accepts any alphanumeric character.

Once you have set up the rule, click the Add Rule Group button. You can create multiple rule groups that apply to the same Attribute Type or Attribute Name.

Step 3: Add inventory availability: Set up your network’s inventory levels.

  • Enter a number of units in the Safety stock quantity field. The number set in this field will be subtracted from the available to promise quantity. The network safety stock also aggregates the safety stock for every location in the network. Therefore the actual safety stock will be this number plus the location aggregated safety stock.

  • Enter a number of units in the Define low stock level field.

Click the Create button at the top-right of the page to save your network, or click Cancel to exit without saving changes.

Networks - creating a network
Networks - creating a network

Last update: Oct 18, 2022

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