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Define location details and manage how they fulfill orders

The Locations page shows a list of all locations you have created previously with an Add Location button at the top-right. You can edit a previously created location by hovering over its name in the list and clicking the pencil icon at the right. The table allows you to sort locations by Location ID, Location Name, Location Address, and Status.

Locations - home screen
Locations - home screen

Click Add Location at the top of the page to create a location, or hover over an already existing location in the table and click on the pencil icon at the right to edit it.

In the Location Information section, give the location a name, assign it a number, and set its status, whether Active or Inactive. Active locations are a part of your inventory network, Inactive locations are not.

In the Contact & Address section, fill out the information for a contact at the location, as well as the location’s physical address.

Locations - adding a location
Locations - adding a location

Last update: Oct 18, 2022

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