Create discounts automatically applied to all customers' carts

The Promotions tab displays a list of your promotions with controls to search and sort and a Create new button at the top right.  

Clicking on the downward arrow next to each header item in the table sorts existing promotions.

Use the search bar to find specific promotions. Results will auto-populate as you type. 

Promotions - introduction
Promotions - introduction

From the Promotions tab, click Create promotion to create a new promotion, or click on an existing promotion’s title to edit it. Both options direct you to the Edit promotion screen to complete the following sections.

The Enabled button at the top of the page is a main control that toggles whether or not the promotion can be active.

Promotion details

  • Promotion title - enter a name for the promotion. This will be displayed in the list of promotins on the main Promotion tab.

  • Start and End date and time - the date and time range the promotion is valid. 

    • The End now button cancels an active promotion.

  • Price list selection

    • All - the coupon will apply to all eligible SKUs on all eligible price lists.

    • Select price list - the coupon will only apply to eligible SKUs from the price lists you select.

SKU selection

Target SKUs provides three different methods for choosing which SKUs the promotion applies to.

  • Inclusion list - SKUs that are eligible for the promotion.

  • Exclusion list - SKUs that are not eligible for the promotion.

  • All SKUs - all SKUs are eligible for the promotion. 

The Inclusion list and Exclusion list options both require further set up with the Browse SKUs or Bulk Upload SKUs features. 

  • The Browse SKUs modal has a drop-down menu at the left to filter SKUs by List of SKUs, Categories, or Attributes at the left. When List of SKUs is selected, use the search bar at the right to find SKUs by their title or ID. 

  • The Bulk Upload SKUs modal allows you to import a price list in .CSV format. There is also an option to download a template .CSV file to avoid errors when uploading.  

Promotion type

There are three types of promotions:

  • SKU - A discount applied based on SKUs that are purchased.

  • SKU Quantity - A discount applied after a certain quantity of SKUs are purchased.

  • Buy X - Get Y - A discount applied on after a specific SKU or minimum amount is purchased.

Use the Add Notes section to jot down any important information while creating or updating a promotion. The notes section has a character limit of 100. Changes to the notes section replace prior versions of the notes. Prior versions of the notes are not saved for retrieval.

Promotions - setting up a promotion
Promotions - setting up a promotion

Promotion Limits

Promotion limits allow you to set the maximum number of times a customer can receive a discount. For example, if you are running a “Buy one get one free” promotion, you could set a maximum limit of "3," which would mean that the customer would get three free items even if they had added four items to their cart.

The default setting is "unlimited." To set a limit, use the toggle to enable promotion limits and then enter the maximum value.

Use the Promotion type drop-down menu in conjunction with the Value field to choose whether the promotion will give the customer a Percentage off, an Amount off, or a discount applied to the shipping costs with Shipping off

When Shipping off is selected, the Shipping type and Shipping-Promotion-type drop-down menus appear. 

Use the Shipping-Promotion-type drop-down menu to choose between Percentage off, Amount off, or Free. The Value field will change based on selection to allow for a percentage, dollar amount, or disappear, respectively. 

Promotion - SKU promotion
Promotion - SKU promotion
Promotion Discount on Clearance Pricing

Each fabric customer account can be configured to further discount the SKUs with clearance prices. Consult with your fabric respresentative to set up this custom configuration. 

Enter a number in the Minimum quantity of SKUs field to set the minimum number of items the customer must have in their cart before being eligible for the promotion. 

Use the Promotion type drop-down menu in conjunction with the Value field to choose whether the promotion will give the customer a Percentage off or an Amount off.

The Add another tier feature allows you to create progressive promotions based on increasing minimum cart value thresholds. An example of a tiered promotion would be as follows: 

  • 10% discount once the cart reaches 3 items with eligible SKUs

  • 15% discount once the cart reaches 4 items with eligible SKUs

  • 20% discount once the cart reaches 5 items with eligible SKUs

Click the Add another tier button to add a tier and its corresponding Delete button to remove the tier. You can create up to six tiers.

Promotions - quantity promotion
Promotions - quantity promotion

Buy X Get Y promotions allow you to discount products based on customers purchasing them in a bundle or spending over a minimum amount. The most common use is for “Buy one, get one” promotions.

Promotions - Buy-Get promotions
Promotions - Buy-Get promotions

Customer buys

There are three options:

  • SKUs - This allows you to choose alternative sets of SKUs. A customer must purchase the required quantity from at least 1 SKU set.

  • Bundle - This allows you to choose multiple sets of SKUs. A customer must purchase the required quantity from all SKU sets.

  • Cart Value - This lets you set a minimum amount that the customer must spend in order to get a discount on a specific SKU. You will not use ‘SKU sets’ for this option. Instead, you can select SKUs that will be included in the total spend amount.

Use Browse SKUs to select the SKUs in the SKU set and enter the minimum quantity of SKUs that must be added to the cart.

Use + Add another set of SKUs to display an additional section for adding SKUs.

Each SKU set will be labeled with a letter as an identifier, starting from A and going in alphabetical order.

You must select the SKUs and the minimum quantity before you can move onto ‘Customer Gets.'

Customer Gets

In the section, choose the discount the customer will receive.

  • SKU - This option allows you to choose specific SKUs to be discounted. You can also specify if you would like to give an item for ‘free’. A ‘free’ item will be added to the response in the promotion evaluation API as a suggested item to be added to the cart.

  • Cart - This option allows you to discount the total cart value by an amount or percentage.

  • Shipping - This option allows you to discount the shipping cost. You will be able to select shipping methods that you have configured in fabric’s OMS.

For the SKU option, you can select a set of SKUs that can be discounted. You can choose the same set you created before in the ‘customer buys’ section, or you can choose to create a new SKU set by clicking on + Add another set of SKUs.

Then choose the maximum quantity that can be discounted and how much they should be discounted by.

You can add additional sets of SKUs to be discounted by selecting + Add another discount. All SKU sets will be included when calculating the discount.

Promotions - Add another discount
Promotions - Add another discount

Discount type

There four discount types:

  • Percentage off - Reduces the price of the items, cart, or shipping by a percentage. The percentage value can be from 1-100%.

  • Amount off - Reduces the price of the items, cart, or shipping by a specific monetary amount. The currency of the discount is determined by the price list the promotion is linked to. The value of the amount can be from 1 to the total price. If the amount off exceeds the the price, the price becomes zero. 

  • Shipping off - Reduces the price of the chosen shipping method by either a percentage or amount, with an additional option of setting it as “free,” which is equivalent to a 100% discount.

    • Shipping methods - Offers uses the shipping methods that have been configured in fabric OMS. Therefore, you will need to use fabric OMS to apply shipping discounts. You can select multiple shipping methods but only apply a single discount type. You can create a separate promotion to apply different discount types for different shipping methods.

  • Fixed price - Sets a price for the items, cart, or shipping. The currency of the set price is based on the price list the promotion is linked to. It is not available for Cart Value promotions. When used on Buy X, Get Y promotions, the fixed price will be set per unit of the chosen items on the Get side.


Promotions - discount type
Promotions - discount type

Please note:

  • The cheapest eligible SKU will be discounted first. For example, if there are 3 SKUs eligible for a discount but a maximum quantity of 1, and the customer adds all 3 to their cart, we will apply the discount to the cheapest SKU.

  • The discount amount is applied to each unit. For example, if you have $10 off up to a maximum of 6 units, $10 will be discounted from each unit up to a total of 6 units.


  • Buy-Get must be used with fabric Cart V2.

Offers lets you target promotions at specific groups of customers. However, before targeting a customer segment, you must first create a customer segment in Offers Settings.

After you have created a customer segment, you can target that segment with promotions.

  • Target audience - choose whether the promotion will apply to:

    • All - the promotion will be available to all shoppers.

    • Segment - the promotion will be available to shoppers within the segment you have identified.

  • Segment name - Select the segment you wish to link to the promotion.

  • Segment values - The values will be populated here. You can choose to select specific values that you want to link to the promotion.

You can add multiple segment types by clicking on ‘+Add another segment.’

Please note:

The segment values will be ‘printed’ on the promotion once it is created:

  • If you delete a segment from settings, the segment value on the promotion will remain to maintain the state of the promotion that was live.

  • You can edit segment values on a promotion by editing the promotion itself.

  • If a segment is no longer supported, the promotion is unlikely to be applied as Storefront and Cart are required to identify the segment and use it when applying promotions.

Promotions - customer segments
Promotions - customer segments

Last update: Sep 27, 2022

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