LMS with the flexibility to define, configure, and execute loyalty programs across platforms

Member allows you to create hierarchies, add partners, manage member accounts, and integrate with various web and mobile applications with fabric’s headless commerce API, making it far more robust than traditional loyalty systems.

Copilot is the primary interface for working with fabric applications. You will need an active account, including an account ID, to access Copilot. Contact your Copilot Admin or Customer Success representative to obtain these credentials.

After logging in to Copilot, select Member from the header across the top of the page to access the Member Dashboard

Member is divided into seven separate sections accessible from the left menu selections

Dashboard - a quick look at loyalty member metrics

Hierarchy - design your LMS program with clubs, stores, and more

Points - set how loyalty members earn and spend points

Members - manage accounts enrolled in your LMS

Promotions - create member rewards

Users - manage team members with access to your account

Reports - generate profile and reward reports

Member - dashboard
Member - dashboard

Last update: Jul 26, 2022

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