September 2022

Retailer can leave notes for themselves and their suppliers to capture connection details.

Merchant can now configure their deployment to skip orders based on Shopify’s fraud order recommendation system.

Merchants can configure static Sold To addresses to be used as Billing Address for vendor POs.


August 2022

Retailers can now view real-time progress of vendor onboarding.

Merchants can now create Purchase Orders from the platform UX.


July 2022

Users can create Zendesk support ticket with attachments using the fabric portal help section.


June 2022

Use a single dashboard for all order management.

Review and accept proposals online.

Forward dropshipping order details to suppliers for order fulfillment.

Generate sales and compliance reports.

Manage billing and payments for suppliers.

Invite and manage new suppliers from dashboard.


Last update: Oct 06, 2022

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