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The Shipments & Tracking dashboard allows Retailers to see all shipments sent by all of their suppliers in one spot.

Click on Shipments & Tracking from the menu at the right of the Orders page.

Orders - Tracking #s
Orders - Tracking #s

The Tracking #s page features a filterable list of all existing shipments with sortable column headers.

  • Supplier: Name of the supplier who sent the shipment

  • Service: Shipping service the supplier used

  • Tracking #: The shipment tracking number. Clicking on an individual tracking number in the list opens the Shipment Detail window.

  • PO #: The purchase order associated with the shipment

  • Registered: Date the shipment was registered, shown in the user’s local time zone

  • Acknowledged: Date the retailer acknowledged the shipment as complete

  • Track: A link to the carrier’s website to track the shipment directly

Last update: Feb 25, 2023

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