View and export inventory reports on both the item and supplier levels.

To access inventory positions on each item you are selling, navigate to the Products page and select Inventory within the Browse & Review section of the products page

The Item Inventory page will provide you with a list of all items and their associated inventory postitions. 

You can search for an individual item or use the filters to create a specific inventory report.

All inventory reports can exported by using the Export button on the top right of the inventory page. 

NOTE: if the supplier provides an estimated availibility date for out of stock items, that date will appear underneath the inventory amount. 

To access inventory status by Supplier, navigate the the Products page and click the blue By Vendor link within the Inventory section.

The Inventory by Vendor page is a high level status of each of your connected suppliers. It provides the number of items associated with each of your suppliers, the number of items that are in stock, the number of items that are out of stock, and the last time each supplier submitted inventory.


Last update: May 20, 2022

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