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Standardize product data rules for all vendors across various categories.

When merchants are sourcing products in various categories from their vendors, it becomes essential for them to be able to differentiate product attributes and their validations for each category.

A proposal department enables merchants to set any number of categories and apply different validations on each one, making it easy to implement control over the quality of data their vendors share.

A proposal department enforces the rules of a product import template and two predefined rulesets on every proposal before a vendor can send proposals to the retailer.

Proposal Department list
Proposal Department list


  • Active - An active Proposal Department is available for all vendors of the merchant.

  • Disabled - You can set the status of a department to Disabled if you don’t want to use this anymore.


To access the Proposal Department, login to your dashboard, select Merchant Settings, then Proposal Department, then Create.

Create Proposal Department
Create Proposal Department

Enter the name of the proposal in Department Name

Select a Product Import Template

  • Every proposal department requires the product import template to identify the list of attributes for the proposal department

  • A merchant can only select from the existing list of templates.


Select a Supplier Ruleset

  • You will be able to see a list of existing rulesets

  • Select the ruleset that all items must be compatible with when being added to a proposal

NOTE: Supplier ruleset is also applied on all items during the compatibility check of every proposal.


Select a Merchant Ruleset

  • You will be able to see a list of all existing rulesets

  • Select the ruleset that the items must be compatible with when being accepted from a proposal

NOTE: The merchant ruleset is applied on the all items of a proposal during the compatibility check before it can be sent over to the merchant for a review


Select a Sample Template URL (optional step)

  • Marketplace gives merchants the capability to provide a ready template to their vendor that can be referenced while creating the spreadsheet for a proposal.

  • You can simply upload the file on your server and add a URL here. This will make the file available for the vendor while creating a proposal. Please reach out to fabric Support if you need support in uploading the sample file to fabric’s server.

Select Save.

Last update: Nov 18, 2022

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