If your retailer partner uses the Marketplace Platform to manage returns, they will create the return in the Platform and you as the supplier will need to update those returns in the Platform. You can also create a Credit Memo for returned orders as part of the return management process. If you are unsure how your retailer partner chooses to manage returns, please contact them directly.

Navigate to the Orders dashboard by clicking "Orders" from the top navigation menu.

  • From the Orders page, use the More dropdown menu to the right of the orders search bar and select Review Returns


  • On the Returns page, select the return you wish to process by clicking on the Blue Return ID link.
  • One the Return detail screen you have the ability to either Approve or Reject the return by clicking on the corresponding link.

If you approve the return you will then be asked if you would like to create a Credit Memo for that return.

  • On the Confirmation pop up screen check the box on the top of the screen to "Create a credit memo on approval".   If you choose to create a Credit Memo enter your credit number and click Confirm.  If you choose to not create a Credit Memo, un-select the box and click Confirm.

***Once the return and credit memo has been processed, your retailer partner will have access to the data.  If you have specific questions as to how your retailer partner manages returns, please contact them directly***

Last update: May 12, 2022

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