It is required that the most up to date inventory positions for your items be reflected in the Marketplace Platform at all times. The Platform provides a simple and easy file upload solution to maintain those inventory positions.

To update inventory via File Import, you will need a list of your SKUs and current inventory positions that you can upload to the Marketplace Platform.  


  • To upload an inventory file:  Navigate to the Products dashboard and then click Import.
  • On the Import page select Import Inventory
  • One the Import Inventory page select fabric Inventory Feed from the Select Template dropdown.
  • You can download a blank template to fill in or export a file with your current inventory positions.  NOTE:  Either file can be uploaded to update your inventory
  • Upload your completed template in the Select File field
  • Click Begin Import
  • Once the file has been uploaded, you can review the upload results on the pop up window

Last update: May 10, 2022

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