Marketplace Order Invoicing

Marketplace orders can be invoiced directly within the Platform. Orders can be invoice individually or in bulk via file upload. ***NOTE - Orders must have a shipment associated with them before they are eligible for invoicing***

Navigate to the Orders list by clicking "Orders" from the top navigation menu

  • From the Orders Dashboard, choose Late Invoices.  This will provide a list of orders that have been marked as shipped but are missing an invoice. 

  • Select an order by clicking on the blue link in the PO# column
  • Click the Invoice Order

Complete The Form

  • A pop-up window will appear - this is where your team will fill out the required data for the Invoice
  • Add Invoice Number (must always be a unique reference number, can never be an Invoice Number used prior in the RevCascade Platform under your Vendor Account.
  • Add the items that you are Invoicing against

Add Adjustments (If required and allowed by retailer partner)

If you have any adjustments that you wish to capture on the Invoice, click Add adjustments where you can proceed to select adjustment types from the dropdown menu. The following Adjustment types are as followed :

Adjustment Types

Charges :

  • Service Fee

  • Shipping Expenses

  • Other Charges (if you select this option, you will have a memo appear where you can enter the type of charge you wish to capture, i.e. Dropship Fee)


  • Returns Allowance

  • Promotion Allowance

  • Other Allowance (if you select this option, you will have a memo appear where you can enter the type of charge you wish to capture, i.e. Dropship Fee)


  • Enter the Calculation of the adjustment : Flat or Percent.
  • Enter the total amount of the adjustment.
  • Click Add to have the adjustment applied to the Invoice.
  • After you have completed filling out the required information for the Invoice, you may proceed to click the Register Invoice button at the bottom of the pop-up window.

***If you need to add multiple invoices for a particular order, you will need to repeat the process until all items on the order have been invoiced***

Navigate to the Orders Dashboard page


  • Click the More button towards the right-hand corner of the screen next to the search bar 
  • Select Import invoices
  • If you do not have the Import File Template on-hand, you may download the template via the Pop-Up screen for Importing Invoices. Click the blue text “import template” where the template file will automatically download for your reference and use.
  • After you have completed the template, save it as a .csv file. Next, drag or select the desired file - Click the Schedule Import button once you are ready.


***You can view the file import status within the same Pop-UP screen by clicking on Check Import Status.***

Last update: May 12, 2022

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