Add users and configure notifications in Marketplace.

To access all account settings, use the dropdown menu under your account name located in the upper right hand side of any page and select Supplier Settings.

Select settings
Select settings

The Marketplace Platform can notify users of various events or changes/updates to orders.

  • Order received
  • Order canceled
  • Order ship to address updated
  • Message received
  • Return received
  • Return approved/rejected
  • Late arders digest (A daily list of late purchase orders)

To manage user notifications, navigate to the Supplier Settings page and select Notifications. 

On the Notifications page, enter an email address or distribution list that you would like to receive the specific notification.

Enable the notification using the toggle switch underneath the email address. 


To add additional users to your account, navigate to the Supplier Settings page and select Team Accounts.

On the Team Accounts page select Add Team Member.

Team accounts
Team accounts

Complete the form on the pop-up screen by adding the users first name, last name, and email address. Click Invite.

The user will receive an email that will prompt them to create a password for the account. 

Last update: May 25, 2022

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