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Loyalty Quickstart

Steps to build your first Loyalty Management System in fabric

Launch Loyalty from the Copilot application.

Select Hierarchy in the left column and then click on Program.

Fill out the Program’s title and external reference fields and click Save.

Select Tier Group in the left column and then click on Add Tier Group. The Tier Group level is where you define most of the attributes for your LMS.

Fill out the Tier Group's title and Tier Group ID fields.

Start setting up the first tier by giving it a name (e.g. Silver, Gold, Platinum).

Use the Bin Number field to define the first four digits of loyalty member ID numbers.

The Local Ranking is this specific tier’s ranking out of all the tiers in this Tier Group, while the Global Ranking is the tier’s ranking out of all the tiers you have created across all Tier Groups.

Set the value of points and when they expire:

  • Reward Expiry - duration of rewards last before they expire

  • Base Points - duration points earned on regular transactions last before they expire

Under Core Rules, set the value of points earned and spent, relative to US dollars.

Use the drag-and-drop menu in the Rule Builder to create “if this, then that” statements to further configure this tier’s rules.

The Program and Tier Group levels exist as defaults in every Loyalty account. But in many instances, a business may want to create additional levels. The Add Level menu allows you to create custom levels that match your business’s structure.

Click Add Level to begin.

In the Add Level Entity fields, give the new level a name, and select a set of rules you have created previously at the Tier Group level.

Use the Add Attribute and Remove buttons to set the number of fields

When you’re finished, click Submit. The new level will appear beneath Program and Tier Groupin the left-hand column under Hierarchy for further customization.

Last update: Nov 09, 2022

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