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Create member rewards

Promotions allows you to create a series of “if this, then that” rules in order to give loyalty members rewards. Some brief examples of the promotions you can build include:

  • 10% off when members shop on their birthday

  • holiday shopping discounts for members during the month of November

  • free shipping for platinum members

  • bonus points when members spend $100 on Memorial Day

Promotions - homepage
Promotions - homepage

Click the Add Promotion button at the top of the Promotions main page and fill out the following information on the Promotion builder page:

  • Title - the name of the promotion

  • Promotion ID - a unique identifier you can use to distinguish the promotion from other promotions you have created

  • Promotion Duration - the promotion’s start and end dates

  • Rule Builder - use the visual Rule Builder to create “if this, then that” rules for the promotion. See the next section titled Rule Builder for an in-depth look

When you’re finished, click the Submit button at the top-right of the page.

The Rule Builder is a drag-and-drop interface that lets you configure promotion rules visually.

At the very top of the Rule Builder is the Promotion Type drop-down menu to select the kind of promotion you’re running, whether Earn, Burn, Enroll, or Discount. This means that once a loyalty member meets the criteria you define in the Rule Builder, they will:

  • Earn - earn loyalty points

  • Burn - be able to redeem loyalty points

  • Enroll - become a member of your program

  • Discount - receive a discount


Rule Blocks

At the top-left of the Rule Builder there are two buttons; one labeled Logic, the other matching the selection you made in the Promotion Type drop-down menu.

Clicking on the Logic menu or the menu below it will reveal a number of rule blocks.

Clicking on a rule block will add it to the design space for you to customize.

To the right is the main design space where you configure your rules.

To delete a rule block you’ve added, click on it to select it, and then click the trash icon in the bottom right.



The Logic menu has two rule blocks that serve as the basis for all rule building.

  • if/do - The if/do block allows you to create conditional promotion rules when you connect other blocks to it. For example, you could give members 10% off on their birthday by attaching the birthday=true block to the first spot and the discount=% block to the second spot. By clicking on the settings icon in the if/do block, you can add else if and else statements to your rules.

  • and - Joins two rule blocks together. Use the dropdown menu to choose between and or or. If two rule blocks are joined by and, a member must meet the criteria in both statements in order be eligible for the promotion. If two rule blocks are joined by or, a member only has to meet one of the criteria.



Depending on the type of promotion you’re designing and the blocks you select, you will see different options for a near-infinite combination of possibilities. However, the majority of attributes have two things in common: an operator and a variable.

Operators are usually found under the left-most drop-down menu in a rule block. They allow for equals to and greater/lesser than statements:

  • == - the value on the left is equal to the value on the right

  • != - the value on the left is not equal to the value on the right

  • >= - the value on the left is greater than or equal to the value on the right

  • <= - the value on the left is less than or equal to the value on the right



Like operators, variables are selected from drop-down menus within individual blocks. Variables differ block-to-block, so depending on the blocks you select, you’ll have different customization options available.

Promotions - rule builder
Promotions - rule builder

These steps show how to create a promotion that rewards members when they make a purchase during their birthday month.

In this example, the member will receive a coupon code worth 300 bonus points during their birthday month. The promotion in valid for the entire month and is limited to one use. It is targeted to customers based on the birth date they enter at the time of signup.

Step 1: Fill out the promotion’s details, like the name, ID, and start and end dates.

Step 2: Use the drop-down menu to select the type of promotion. In this case, select Earn.

Step 3: Refer to the image below to set up the rules in the logic builder.

Last update: Nov 08, 2022

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