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Who uses fabric OMS?

fabric OMS is used by digital commerce fulfillment operations for logistics, and customer service teams for fulfillment and inventory optimization.


Digital Commerce teams use fabric OMS to manage which items are in pre-order and backorder, and for network aggregations. 


Customer Service teams use fabric OMS to improve customer satisfaction to drive repeat purchases by servicing orders. OMS allows them to get order details from all channels (POS, ECOM, ERP, etc), via one interface and service customer orders with a set of post-order process endpoints.


Fulfillment Operations teams use fabric OMS to optimize fulfillment sourcing to reduce the number of packages and cost per order to deliver on-time orders. OMS allows them to configure order sourcing, manage deployment with rollback strategies, and include stores or inventory in the network in real time to reflect market conditions.


Last update: Jul 08, 2022

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