fabric's customers often need to migrate existing users from their current IDP solutions to fabric Identity. This can be achieved by using the bulk user import feature available in fabric Identity.

To help perform the import, provide fabric Identity with a csv file containing the following details about each user.

Column Name Is Mandatory Comments
id Yes Row identifier in the CSV
firstName Yes User's first name
lastName Yes User's last name
middleName No User's middle name
email Yes User's email address
login Yes User's login ID (usually email address)


  • Column names in the csv file must match those above.
  • User uniqueness is based on email.
  • This process does not support passwords.

If users have additional fields to be imported, please refer to fabric's Customer API documentation.

End User Experience

Following successful bulk user import, the end users must use the forgot password flow (available from the login page) to reset their passwords.

fabric recommends that the login page be customized to prompt the users about the security solution change, and to use the forgot password flow to reset their passwords.

Currently, this bulk user import can be performed only by fabric, upon request. Contact fabric support for help with user imports.