When to use a System App or a User App?

sysapp provides a simple access gateway to all of fabric APIs. Consider using sysapp if the application does not need to know the context of end user when calling fabric APIs or there already exists an in-house solution to help with the end user login needs of the app. Using sysapp for regular commerce application implies that the app development team needs to login their end users using their own identity solution. This increases the overall effort and timeline to realize the application.

userapp provides an out-of-box solution by offloading the end user login needs to fabric Identity that helps reduce the overall effort in building commerce applications. fabric Identity, through userapp, provides the following key capabilities:

  • Provide secure multi-factor authentication for end user login. The supported multi-factors include email, SMS and mobile apps - Google Authenticator and Okta Verify
  • Host login page with social login support (support for all major social platforms)
  • Customer communication for identity needs (reset password links, forgot password etc)
  • Easily customize login pages and emails, password policies and MFAs