Before using any of our APIs you must obtain an access token from fabric. fabric currently support two flows from OAuth2.0 for authentication.

  • Authorization Code with PKCE
  • Client Credentials

Depending on the connection type of your application you would need to choose the appropriate authentication mechanism.

  • If you are unable to securely store the Client Secret, then you should use Authorization Code with PKCE.
  • If you are able to securly store the Client Secret, then you can use Client Credentials.

Authorization Code With PKCE

To obtain an access token with this OAuth2.0 flow you will be calling two fabric endpoints.

  • /oauth2/default/v1/authorize
  • /oauth2/{authServerId}/v1/token

Client Credentials

To obtain an access token by client credetnaials you wil be calling one fabric endpoint.

  • /oauth2/{authServerId}/v1/token

Pass a Base 64 encoded string of your client credentials and client secret in this format Basic client_id:client_secret, in the Authorization Header.